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Name: Bob Hu
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Skype: bobhu1
Skype: bobhu1

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Ningbo Yinzhou Xuxing Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in professional design and manufacture of Aluminum alloy castings and Zinc alloy castings for more than 17 years. As we know, Only profession can assure great quality and the most competitive in prices. Our company adopts many casting techniques such as Gravity die Casting, Low-pressure die Casting, Sand Casting, high pressure die castings and so on. To ensure our quality, all of our aluminum ingots are from QingTongXia Aluminum company, which is one of the most famous brand in China. The regular grades include A356, 356, A380, A360, G-AlSi7Mg and G-AlSi7Mg or others as your requested. Our products have covered mechanical equipment, hardware & tools, household articles and automobile accessories etc. Now we have produced more than 1000 different kinds of products, mainly per OEM, and more than 90% of the aluminum alloy castings are exported to the USA, Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada, Sweden etc.

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Skype: bobhu1